Why Me


[meh • ta • noy • ah] ● Greek

(n.) the journey of changing your mind, heart, self, &/or way of life.

How do I always deliver results?
I care. About you and your well-being.

I have an unshakeable belief in the innate potential of every person. We’re all stuck at some point in our lives, and we all have it in us to get going once more.
All we need is a nudge. That’s where I come in.

I want you to advance. I want you to achieve. I want you to flourish.
And I will hold your hand the entire way as we work towards it.

Accreditations and Certifications

Certified Global Leadership Coach
Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Certification from the International Coach Federation
Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach
Marshall Goldsmith Global Leader of the Future Coach
Expert Rating Life Coach
Grow More Avenues (ICF Affiliated) Coach

What I Can Do For You


[kweh • ren • shi • ya] ● Spanish

(n.) the place from where you draw strength;

where you feel safe & at home, where you are your most authentic self.


Adult Professionals, Children, Adolescents, Couples & Families, Work Teams, Support Groups
The coach-coachee partnership is aimed at aiding the coachee’s self-awareness. The purpose of this journey may be personal or professional. Using internationally accredited tools and techniques, I guide you past your hurdles and towards your goals.

You may enter a coach-coachee partnership looking to solve a specific problem, but I work with your whole person. Your hurdles will be crossed and your goals will be achieved, but through a larger, more holistic agenda -- finding your way back to your true, happy, and most successful self.


Adult Professionals, Children, Adolescents, Couples and Families
From Greek, graphos meaning ‘written, writing’ + logos meaning ‘reason’. Literally ‘the science of handwriting’.

Graphology is the study of your letters and scribbles as a map of your brain. The curve of your ‘n’ and the dot at the end of you signature -- everything reveals a little more about who you are and how you think, where you want to go and what’s holding you back.

Through persistent and sustainable changes to the way you write, graphotherapy brings about your desired personality changes. The results in this intervention are durable. The seemingly simple alterations in pressure, size, speed, and other aspects have the power to nudge you towards the strengths you need to achieve your goals.


Tat Tvam Asi

“This book is my meraki (the Greek word for when you leave a part of your soul, creativity &/or love in your work) & the bearer of all thoughts & experiences that have either altered or deeply impacted my life. Before time & age wash away these lessons, I decided to pen them down. What started as a scribble pad has made its way to the book you are holding right now. The words you read come together to reflect memorable happenings in my life; the core of which left untouched despite being suitably embellished for readability. My purpose for writing this book is not to push forward my opinions or to convince you that my every stance is the right stance. My purpose for writing is simply to voice my thoughts & outlook on life. If through this endeavour a new, positive perspective emerges in a reader, even one reader, this year-long adventure has been suitably rewarded.”
Tat Tvam Asi is now available on Amazon.

“Living is like driving on a long, winding path in blinding fog. You cannot see too far, so don’t assume which turns you’ll take. You never know where the climb leads.
This book is about my journey after the road ahead of me took an unexpected bend. My purpose is to share with you, dear reader, the circumstances I lived through & the wonderful things I learnt about myself & about life.
This is not a hero’s tale. I don’t consider myself to have achieved anything extraordinary. Many have pulled through far worse than my ordeal with fewer privileges than I am blessed with.
Neither is this a self-help guide, not a how-to-survive-cancer pamphlet. My purpose is not to preach or teach, but to narrate. I decided to write this book in the hope that upon reading it, the audience may find that their fears are not solely theirs & my learnings need not be solely mine. If this book resonates even just with you, dear reader, it will have been a fructified venture.
I hope you enjoy the lessons my tumour taught me.”
Bald is Beautiful is now available in English, Hindi & Gujrati, in print and as an audiobook. Send a WhatsApp to +91 9833466954 for your copy.

Not Just Another Parenting Book

When your child was born to colour outside the lines, you have to learn to too...
Are you exhausted while braving the high seas of modern-day schooling?

Life-coach and certified tired parent PH Acharya takes us through a journey of doubt, diagnosis, and Dyslexia. In a world of cookie-cutout students, I’m Thoughting recounts raising a child who won’t fit the mould.

To parent children with ADHD / Specific Learning Disabilities effectively, you’ve got to get creative...
Punishment? Bribery? Blackmail?
Sports? Art? Therapy?
Will they? ever? sit still??

In her characteristic crisp yet personal style, Acharya answers with expert tips and some homemade tricks.
From the author who brought you Bald is Beautiful.
Between remedies and to-dos, you’re in for anecdotes that end with guaranteed laughs! Ah, the confusions of parenting and the joys of colouring outside the lines!
I'm Thoughting is now available on Amazon USA, Amazon India, Amazon UK, Google Books, Kobo, Notion Press.

I will never find the light, unless like a candle, I am on my own fuel - Bruce Lee

Coaching reduced to a sentence that explains its very basis in a crisp and deeply rooted intelligence. We are our own beacon, the unbiased scale of our flaws, failures and requirements. The Guru within is a storehouse of insights, introspection and guidance. To reach the state of soul-searching answers, an external influencer (Coach) helps nudge the varied options of possibilities with passive questions that ignite the light within. The light within lights up the path outside. We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are. The culture of change enables growth, openness and diversity. Will it be easy? No. Worth it? Absolutely.
We cannot hope to get anywhere if we are looking at the same mindset and methodology. Change is a constant phenomenon and acceptance of that is an eye opener. As a Coach the first step to assisting change outside is to bring about change within. The transition from an advisory position to being an avid questioner, deep listener, intent oriented facilitator based on the foundation of being non-judgemental and unbiased. These constant reminders of the profile of a Coach silently aid the progress of the Coachee. Be the change you wish to see in the World. We lead by example. Change is a precursor to growth. It avoids stagnation. It’s inevitable for personal growth, to gear up to new challenges, to transform perspective and to overcome fears. The need for cultural change in organization starts and ends with its human force, the key stakeholders. At the superficial level it helps manage interpersonal communications, increased ROI, reduced costs, spikes in the profits and development opportunities. A profound percolator, however, is the boost in morale, a sense of ownership, readiness in anticipation of challenges, employee retrenchment and motivation. A workforce armed with a sense of belonging has a manifold effect on the culture of the organization. An institute is the sum total of the zeal, effort and overall personality of its employees. In order to maintain high levels of enthusiasm towards change, the Coach has to sync in with the employee vision, raising curiosity and self-awareness, acknowledging accomplishments, fueling confidence, aligning with clear goals and most importantly, creating accountability.
The Coach here is an external change agent that works with the leader (the internal change agent) to oversee the domino benefits within the organization. The leader dons the role of a Coach and facilitator as opposed to being an advisory authority. A mere change in methodology of motivating teams yields tangible results through the creation of openness, the flow of communication, the willingness to change and being answerable for the actions taken. The leader is the forerunner to this change.
“I can change anyone who wants to, the trouble is I haven’t found too many who know that they need to”.

How You Know It Works


[yu • daee • mo • ni • ya] ● Greek

(n.) "human flourishing”;

a content state of happiness, health, & prosperity.

Sanjeevani…Life Beyond Cancer (SLBC, Mumbai)

One trial hour turned into regular specially curated coaching sessions with patients and their families at SLBC. In solidarity with others in our boat, the room collectively seeks to answer the difficult questions — What now? How to stay motivated? Where is the hope? Tea and impromptu dancing is usually included.

P. Acharya has demonstrated extensive knowledge of her tools & techniques. Her approach is gentle,empathetic & non judgemental. The patients feel at ease with her & look forward to her sessions.

— Ruby Ahluwalia, Sanjeevani...Life beyond Cancer.

Mentor Me India, Mumbai

This programme requires adult Mentors to guide young students from public schools for a year. As a Mentor with a passion for education and women’s empowerment, I was thrilled to spend my year with a bright and ambitious girl of 15 from Chandrabhaga Vidya Mandir. By the end of the programme and my interaction with her and her family, graphotherapy and coaching had done wonders. My Mentee walked on into the world a self-assured, responsible, & motivated young woman.

I also assisted the recruitment process, assessing and selecting Mentors for our future generation.

SEWA (Self-Employed Women’s Association, Ahmedabad)

Women do better together.

I conduct regular coaching sessions with entrepreneurs from SEWA Gujarat, where we learn from one another’s secrets to succeeding as a woman and a small business owner. I moderate these sessions to the effect that at the end of 6 months, 9 women find themselves in a tight-knit peer-support group of leaders. I help SEWA’s women not only achieve team goals but also encourage and hold one another accountable for motivated scaling-up.

Leadership coaching with Ms. Acharya enabled goal-realization & beyond. She guided us through strategy-planning, & she built our confidence.

— Participant, SEWA (Self-Employed Women’s Association, Ahmedabad)


Because after all, everyone needs a different kind of nudge.

I have worked with professionals and homemakers, children and wise old men. I have held people’s hands through divorces and diagnoses, exams and uncertainties. Through one-on-one graphotherapy and coaching sessions, you will find what you need within you to help yourself.

Dear P. Acharya,

I was new to the concept of Coaching. When I met you, I was unsure of my path ahead. I had felt like giving up.

We promised each other a period of 6 months to see if the cobwebs cleared up. I had to promise you my effort & unconditional faith in you & in turn you would help me rise from self-doubt.

What a journey this has been! In such a short span I feel the internal transformation that has been translating into wins that were a dream. You have instilled in me values that I had forgotten to acknowledge.

Words fail me as I express the changes in my personality with your support & love. Thank you for your role in my life.

— Bhavya Rishi, India #11 Singles Badminton

I thank you for all the time and efforts you invested for this coaching engagement. For me personally it is a satisfying and fulfilling experience.
The entire engagement helped me to reflect and gain insights. It reinforced some of my beliefs that have worked for me and few that I need to be aware of. I enjoyed the unique blend of real life experience along with a true passion for coaching, which was instrumental and meaningful for me during this six months journey. The candid feedback and tactful approach to accountability kept me focused on the work that is most important to me.
This engagement came to me at the right time, especially during this Covid-19 economic challenge I started facing. I am feeling happy to share that, I have come back on track economically in 6 months time. Apart from various other elements, I endorse and acknowledge that this engagement had contributed towards this outcome. In my reflections I am able to see that the nudges that I received from this engagement to take actions with consciousness and awareness helped me to move forward. I have discovered new possibilities and they are delivering positive tangible results to me. I am sure the actions that I have committed to myself during this engagement will continue nurturing and renewing these possibilities.
I am grateful to you and TISS for this wonderful experience. Look forward to more meaningful and value adding engagements.

Pascoal Dantes
Od Consultant
Experiential Learning Expert
Placid Learning and Organisation Development Experiences - Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

Life coaching and Graphotherapy has proved to be a very powerful medium of awareness, change and betterment in my life. To say that my family and I have benefitted tremendously from the expertise is an understatement. We are reaping the advantages of the same in our prolonged association. I wish to extend my gratitude for this life changing opportunity.

Director Orienta Cine Advertising Pvt Ltd

With Ms Pinky Acharya's guidance,I learnt life skills to defeat hurdles that I had given up on ever overcoming. Her skill to create an atmosphere of comfort ,ability to get to the core of a problem,understanding of a situation and consequently arriving at practical solutions is praiseworthy.Each session is an eye opener to insightful thought processes.Its an immensely worthwhile experience to get a deep understanding of questions in all areas of life.

CEO Wild West Innovations

Om Trivedi
Aspiring Doctor

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